What properties of sublimation transfer paper are required for printers with different speeds?
What properties of sublimation transfer paper are required for printers with different speeds?

According to the speed of wide format printers, we can roughly divide printers into low-speed printers, medium-speed printers and high-speed printers. Generally, we classify printers with printing speeds lower than 1m / min as low-speed printers; Printing speeds between 1 and 10m / min can be classified as medium-speed printers; Printing speeds above 10m / min are high-speed printers.


I. Properties of sublimation transfer paper for low speed printers.

Low-speed printers such as Mimaki JV33, MUTOH 1604, etc., have higher printing fineness, and the printer structure is generally equipped with press wheels. When performing high inkjet printing, because the paper stays in the moving area of the nozzle for relatively a long time, the paper will swell and deform after absorbing the ink, and due to the pressure of the roller on the paper, the paper will arch obviously after deformation, which is easy to rub the nozzle and destroy the printed patterns. Therefore, for this type of printer, the paper is required to have less wet deformation and the ability of the transfer paper coating to carry ink need to be as strong as possible.


2. Properties of sublimation transfer paper for medium-speed printers.

Medium-speed printers, similar to Italian MS-JP4, MS-JP7, etc, compared to low-speed printers, have several times increase in the printing speed. Generally, there are no press wheels, and the paper tension is completely adjusted by the roller tension. The printing speed is significantly faster. Although the drying interval is longer, it is obviously not enough, so the paper requires a higher drying speed.


3. Properties of sublimation transfer paper for high speed printers.

High-speed printers currently mainly refer to single-channel printers, that is, One-Pass or Single-Pass printers. The most obvious feature of this type of printer is that the print heads are fixed in multiple rows. The print heads do not move during printing, and they print completely against the move of the paper, and thus the printing speed is very fast, which can reach 30 ~ 80m / min. The paper requirements for such printers are mainly reflected in the following points.

l  Good flatness;

l  Fast drying speed;

l  The peeling ability of the back coating of paper should be appropriate;

l  Thin paper. Due to the fast printing speed, thin paper is more conductive to large-volume printing and high-speed thermal transfer, while reducing costs significantly as well.


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