How Is the Cycling Jersey Made Using Sublimation Process?
How Is the Cycling Jersey Made Using Sublimation Process?

1, you need to carefully choose the jersey design, from internet or design all by yourself with materials gathered, and there is one thing that need to pay much more attention to, which is that the layout of design you made should be suitable for a mass production, cause it is all about the cost, and you need to think about it twice and twice again.


2, Printing the Layout onto Sublimation Transfer Paper.

Now it comes to the digital printing process, and what you need to do is to print the layout you made onto Sticky Sublimation Transfer Paper, which is a necessity for the coming transfer process. it is noteworthy that Sticky Sublimation Transfer Paper made in SOUTCOL is particularly designed for cycling jersey or any other elastic fabrics that can apply to sublimation process, and it is available for high inkload printing, and complicated layouts.


3, Sublimation Transfer Process.

Once the digital printing is done, you may then get down to the Sublimation Transfer Process. Some people prefer to cut the printed layouts into pieces and then use a heat press machine to complete the transfer process, while people may also choose to use a calandra to transfer the printed images directly to the jersey. If you choose to use SOUTCOL Tacky Sublimation Transfer Paper, the transfer temperature should be around 200/392, and the transfer time need to be around 40s.


4, Sewing Together the jersey.

Now the jersey can be sewed together with a skilled tailor, and then a custom cycling jersey is totally completed.

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