Several Ink Types Commonly Seen in Textile Printing
Several Ink Types Commonly Seen in Textile Printing

Reactive Ink


Reactive ink is currently the most commonly used ink in the textile industry. Especially in textile digital printing machines, reactive inks are very popular. The ideal application for reactive inks is printing on cotton. However, reactive inks can also be used when printing on silk and wool. Two advantages of using reactive inks for fabric printing are high-quality colors and high washing fastness. The best color quality is achieved when printing on cotton or viscose with reactive inks. When printing on silk or wool, the colors are not very bright and intense. However, especially for top fashion brands, high washing fastness is an important advantage of reactive inks. High wash fastness means textiles can be washed frequently without fading.


Sublimation Ink


Sublimation printing means that you print sublimation ink onto a piece of paper, then put the paper and fabric in a transfer machine, and the ink will change from liquid to gas (sublimation) at high temperature and pressure. One advantage of using sublimation ink is that you do not need to steam and wash the printed textiles. For this reason, the technology is less harmful to the environment and easier and cheaper to operate. Overall, printing on polyester with sublimation transfer process can produces slightly lower fastness than printing with direct dispersion inks. But in the fast-fashion field, sublimation ink is an acceptable form of compromise that can be sustained (without steaming and washing).


Textile Pigment Ink


The application of textile pigment ink is quite extensive. Only in the field of ready-to-wear digital printing, the use of textile pigment ink is relatively large enough. In addition, it is widely used for high-knit and high-density nylon fabrics, wallpaper, wall coverings, corrugated paper, and leather etc. Textile pigment ink has universality for different fibers, which has several advantages, such as simple application process, environmental protection, and good light fastness. 


Acid Ink


Acid inks are known for their bright colors, even when printing on materials that don't easily retain color. For this reason, acid inks are commonly used for wool and silk printing. When you apply acid inks to these types of materials, you get a high level of color brightness. In addition to wool and silk, acid inks are often used for swimming suits, which are usually made of Lycra elastic fabric, and this on one hand benefits from the high color brightness of acid inks, and on the other hand, acid ink is of the high resistance of chlorine and salt water.


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