Precautions during the use of sublimation transfer paper
Precautions during the use of sublimation transfer paper

1, The printer should be placed horizontally to avoid the uneven ink pressure during printing and the color difference and ink rejection.


2, Try not to directly touch the printing surface of the sublimation transfer paper with your hands, so as not to contaminate the paper and affect the printing effects.


3, Do not touch the printed pattern with your hands, do not speak to the drawing, so as to avoid contaminating the paper with saliva, causing unnecessary waste.


4, For drawings that need to be stacked, be sure to wait until the patterns are completely dry before stacking, otherwise it will cause pollution and scrapping of drawings.


5, Be sure to put the samples confirmed by the customer in the printing room during large-scale production, and compare the samples with the samples at any time during the large-scale production process. If there is a problem such as color difference, please deal with it in time to reduce the defective rate. Material inventory is required for large-scale production.


6, During transfer process, set the best and most suitable transfer temperature and transfer time according to the operating environment and machine conditions. Pay particular attention to different transfer temperatures and transfer times for different fabrics.


7, Be sure to make a record when proofing, and record the printing parameters and the transfer temperature and time to ensure that the same effect can be maintained during mass production as during proofing.


8, For heat-shrinkable fabrics, it can be pre-flattened for 1-2 times before printing and then transferred. If tacky sublimation transfer paper is used, better results can be achieved.


9, During thermal transfer, the hot-pressed surface, transfer paper, and the surface of the substrate must be close to each other, and there must be no gaps, otherwise the transfer image will be blurred.


10, Before production, the color calibration must be carried out. The surface of the transfer machine must be kept clean.


11, Storage conditions: waterproof, fireproof, avoid strong light.


12, When the print job is stopped for a long time, remove the paper from the media rack and put it back in the original sealed bag for storage.

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