The physical requirements——A way to judge the quality of sublimation transfer paper.
The physical requirements——A way to judge the quality of sublimation transfer paper.

Sublimation transfer paper is an intermediate ink carrier for thermal transfer process. It not only requires good absorption performance of inks, but also more importantly has good ink release performance under certain conditions, and the ink coating layer must be highly well-proportioned. The requirements of its physical performance are mainly reflected in the following aspects.

1, The higher the smoothness of the substrate is, the lower the heat resistance will be, and the more uniformly the ink can adhere;

2, The paper is moderately tight and absorbent;

3, The surface strength and toughness meet the requirements of the process, and tearing the paper after printing will not cause the phenomenon of base paper picking;

4, Water resistance is strong, when in a water treatment, the paper base will not collapse in water;

5, When in high temperature, the paper is not easy to wrinkle and shrink;

6, Be of good heat resistance, and the substrate can withstand the heat and high transfer temperature within a given time and various properties are not affected, so the paper structure changes little;

7, The substrate has good heat resistance. The lower the heat resistance is and the smaller the thickness is, the better the heat transfer performance will be;

8, Excellent anti-bleeding ability, prevent reverse penetration of ink to the paper base, which may affect the transfer yield.


The above performance can help us more professionally identify the quality of the sublimation transfer paper and reduce the cost of trial and error.


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