Advantages of textile pigment inks over dye inks
Advantages of textile pigment inks over dye inks

Compared with dye inks, textile pigment inks have the following advantage.


Universal for different fibers. Different fibers require different dye inks, while textile pigment inks are suitable for various fiber fabrics, especially for polyester-cotton fabrics.


The process is simple. The textile pigment ink applied to fabric printing does not require complicated pre-treatment and post-treatment processes. It can directly perform inkjet printing on the fabric, and then only requires simple baking to fix color.


No discharge of sewage, which is good for protecting the environment. After printing, the fixed color coating does not produce floating color on the fiber, so it is not necessary to wash to remove floating color like dye ink.


Good light fastness. After the textile pigment ink is printed onto the fabric, it exists in the state of fine particles on the fibers, so it is not easy to be decomposed by light. Even if the molecules of the outer layer of the particles are decomposed by the light, the inner layer will maintain the same color. While the dye ink is different. After the dye ink is printed on the fibers, they exist in the molecular state or become relatively loose aggregates, so they are easily decomposed by light.

The textile pigment ink introduced by SOUTCOL is suitable for direct printing of various fibers, including single-component fiber fabrics and multi-component fiber blended fabrics, such as cotton, wool, viscose fibers, chemical fibers and blended fabrics. Our textile pigment ink is of excellent performance, bright colors, good light fastness and weather fastness. The inkjet printing process of the coating ink is simple, and the printing process is completed in one step. Generally, no pre-treatment or post-washing are required, and waterless printing is truly realized. After the printing is completed, two methods can be used for fixing, one is baking and the other one is heat pressing.

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